Bench Press Unrack/Handoff Tips for Raw and Equipped Lifters

Bench Press Unrack/Handoff Tips for Raw and Equipped Lifters




You can have the perfect bench press setup but it could all be wasted with a bad takeout/handoff. Some of the most common bench press corrections I make come during the takeout phase. As a lifter communicating with your handoff person is a small step you can take that can make a world of difference in how you perform.




On the takeout we can have a few issues first having good communication with your handoff person is essential. A bad handoff is almost as bad as no handoff. When a person lifts the bar up too high there’s no way for you to get back in a good position. Your shoulders are going to pulled out you’ll lose the pinch and tuck and any hope of loading the weight into your lats. You want to communicate to just lift the bar up high enough to clear the hooks on the bench. This is essential.




As a lifter one of the most common mistakes you can make it trying to control the bar too soon. This is especially apparent in shirted lifting where you really can’t control the bar until it’s nearly in position. You have to let the handoff person bring the bar out to you. We want to focus on loading the lats. Try to control and load the bar too early and you’ll just be stuck benching through your shoulders.



For some steps you can take into your training just remember; communicate with your handoff person, control the bar with your lats, and don’t lose the tightness that you created in your setup!




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