BEST Activation Drills For The Bench Press

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BEST Activation Drills For The Bench Press

Hard to beat these Big 3 activation drills for the bench!

If you have a hard time connecting with your back, perform these and you'll have a new appreciation!

Spreaded Take Out

This is a double whammy because it helps you secure that spread to keep your shoulders tight, while having to use your lats to drag the band out into benching position. Can't beat it! Lights you up!

Reverse Band Bench Row

You're simply suspending a bar in a rack via bands. It's a phenomenal exercises for teaching you how to initiate the bench as a row, build up your back strength, and teach patience as an equipped lifter. Definitely something to add to your back training! Talk about specificity!

Ceiling Drill

This is a technique exercise I deemed the ceiling drill. This is something I have found to be unbelievably effective for teaching back tightness not only for the descent of the bench but more importantly, the press up!!

A big reason lifters get stuck mid range and or think they are activating their back but not really getting the full effect through reps is they lose that tension when they press! This drill can fix that!

Try these out and you won't be disappointed!

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