Best Bicep Exercises For Bigger Arms

Best Bicep Exercises For Bigger Arms


These bicep exercises are rarely seen as a mainstay in many programs, but they offer unique benefits that standard dumbbell curls don't! These exercises here will contribute big time towards bigger arms

Hammer Curls

I love hammers because you can get heavy! Hammers don't strictly isolate the biceps, but also include the forearms to a large degree. This allows you to recruit more muscle, move more weight, yield more overload.

These also train the brachioradialis which will help create the appearance of bigger thicker arms. For those with a bicep gap, these will help fill that out.

Reverse Curls

A long forgotten bicep movement. These train your forearms heavily. Forearms often times are neglected and don't get much love. I'm not saying you have to perform these all the time, but they are definitely good to throw in every now and then

Rope Hammers

This hammer curl variation is one of my favorites. By using the rope and the cables you can get a really good squeeze at the top of the movement

💪Using some of these variations, we just did an arms challenge in our VIP Group. We trained arms every day and the results have been amazing. Large majority of the group put over a 1/2 inch on their arm size! If you'd like to join the group, link is below with more info! 

VIP Group


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