Best Drill For Bench Press Technique!

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Best Drill For Bench Press Technique!

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This is a topic I've been huge on lately and something you need to try!

This drill will help you maintain back tightness!

What often happens is lifters can get into this awesome set up and execute a great take out, but the work doesn't stop there!

The upper back plays such a huge role in bench press success. Many lifters press through the bar without maintaining that tightness

They shift immediately into pressing with their chest shoulders and worse yet, the load shifts to being stabilized by their shoulders instead of their back. No wonder they get stuck mid range!

This drill will teach you to not over press the bar. The bar should always finish in the original height if performed well

In order to keep the bar in the same height, you need to keep the same back tightness. You are simply using a straight edge to physically measure this

Give this one a try guys you won't be disappointed in the newfound respect for the upper back and tricep strength you'll receive!

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