Close Grip Benching Pros & Cons

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Close Grip Benching Pros & Cons


Some obvious pros to Close Grip Benching is that is is probably the most effective way to train and build the triceps as it relates to benching. It's a bench specific movement that highly emphasizes the triceps.

Another pro is that it increases the range of motion. The larger the range of motion you can strengthen, the more effective you'll be when you go back to a full competition set up and grip.

It can also spare your pecs and shoulders. By placing more emphasis on the triceps and lats, you can work around old pec or shoulder injuries

Cons are almost mirror images of the Pros when applied with a different athlete. Some may not have the necessary ROM to successfully close grip bench. They will likely round the shoulders and cave the chest in order to reach full range of motion

Too close of a grip. Close grip benching doesn't need to be done with your hands touching each other! Keep hands shoulder width or beyond to stay away from issues

Poor application. Unfortunately, many who have mid range or lockout sticking points continue to look towards tricep movements like this to address the issue. When in reality, probably 80% the time when that's the case it can be traced towards a technical issue for a raw lifter

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