Common Bench Press Mistake

Bench Press Technique, Leg Drive -

Common Bench Press Mistake

Another tip here which will quickly improve your bench press and help keep your hips on the pad!

There is a couple different styles of "lunging" at the weight that I see.

One is driving your hips up as the bar is descending and then dropping them completely

The other is throwing your body at the bar when you go to press it.

Both will void you of tension and you will no longer be using your entire body effectively, or staying tight to the bar.

Instead, make sure you're using your entire body to push back on the bench. Leg drive should be applied the entire time, even on the descent. Load into this tightness and spring out of it!

I relate this to a batter getting ready to take his swing. He loads into the back hip prior to using the entire body from the ground up to develop a powerful swing. They are staying tight and loading into something. Not getting loose and lunging at the ball!

You won't feel a big momentum pop off the chest (you'll actually have to be strong here). but you'll be much better off benching like this!

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