Common Leg Drive Mistake With The Bench Press

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Common Leg Drive Mistake With The Bench Press

One thing I see quite often with foot positioning and leg drive, is that lifters who adopt a feet flat stance (which I love to coach) tend to go too wide

How do you know if you're too wide? You end up with so much passive tension on the outside of your hips that you can't possible push your knees out anymore

What happens as a result is the back of the foot starts to lift, and likewise you won't be able to engage your hips properly

Only go as wide as your mobility will allow. Your feet need to remain flat and the majority of the pressure through your feet needs to be on the the outer backside and heels

This will allow you to to engage your hips properly. You'll feel tension shift from your inner thighs to the hips and outer thighs!

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