FIX MY BENCH! Common Bench Press Faults

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FIX MY BENCH! Common Bench Press Faults


These common bench faults can be detrimental to your success. If you're frustrated with lack of progress on the bench, this might be where you're going wrong.

Touching too high is one I see quite often! When you touch too high you usually see elbows flared out too much and the athlete will feel more of a stretch in their chest / shoulders. You want to aim for a lower sternum touch point to really load the lats and get more activity from the triceps. Think of a position you might row something heavy

Butt coming off the bench is one that plagues many! This results in a red light in competition. Often times you simply need to place your feet in a wider / different position. What will work 10 times out of 10 is learning to push back on the pad rather than into the pad. Skim the bench and let the traction do its job

Positioning issues is a broader mistake I see in many forms. One would be from poor set up. Not taking the time to really drive the shoulders under and the chest up. The other would be during the press itself. Sinking the chest and letting the upper back become loose. Instead, think about aggressively reaching your chest to the bar and you'll keep that back tightness and positioning

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