FIXING Tucked Elbows In The Bench Press

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FIXING Tucked Elbows In The Bench Press


Tucking your elbows too much in the bench press IS an issue. These elbows tucked cues originated with equipped lifting but is a mistake for a raw lifter to adopt

In equipped lifting you want to tuck because the material is taking the weight, in raw lifting you need to always remain with stacked joints and load the back

Meaning you always want your wrists over your elbows and your forearms pointed where you want to throw the bar

I find most struggle with this because they overuse the "bend the bar" cue without using their back to do so

What I recommend here is focusing more on spreading the bar. Using the cueing sequence "spread, reach, row"

It will help you stay controlled with your back and avoid overtucking the elbows until you get it down

Check out the banded spread take out as a fantastic drill we covered to help with this as well!

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