How To: Bench 315 lbs

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How To: Bench 315 lbs

315 is a number most average gym goers might never achieve, and a number most Powerlifters will likely achieve in time with some hard honest work. It's many lifters biggest bench milestone marker

To achieve 315, a template program will work, BUT modifications need to be made. You might not need an entirely individualized program but you do need to make unique changes for you in particular to reach this goal faster

As the case with 225, accessory work alone won't get the job done. GPP work is awesome but you need to bench press specifically. Variations of the movement need to be pushed to the forefront. Likewise, accessories need to be selected and planned with more specificity and intent

You don't necessarily need "great" technique to bench 315 (although it certainly helps!). However you do need "good" technique. You need to have an understanding of a good set up, leg drive, and creating tightness. You might not have those mastered yet, but that's OK

315 requires you to have developed a mental edge. Meaning you can't have any reservations going into this lift. Many form a mental block when they see 3 plates loaded on the bar. It's going to he heavy but it just needs to become "weight on the bar" in your mind. The heavier the weight, the more the mentality becomes a focus

On a pursuit to achieve 315, I'd recommend an athlete test every 2-4 months. An 8 week program might suffice for someone already making great progress, while 16 weeks suits a slower developing or older lifter

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