How To: Bench Press 225 lbs

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How To: Bench Press 225 lbs

225 lbs is a level most average males can achieve in their lifetime. It's a lofty goal but does not require the same amount of attention to detail or road that benching 405 does.

Find a template program. At this stage you don't need fancy detailed individual programming. All you need is smart training program that you wont hurt yourself with.

Accessories are king. General Physical Preparedness. You just need to get stronger at this stage and pretty much anything you do is going to transfer well to having a bigger bench. You really can't screw it up right now.

You can test strength more often. At this stage you're likely to gain strength pretty rapidly. Easier to go from 135 to 225 than it is to go from 405 to 495. You are also not taxing yourself to as large a degree. Testing 1RM strength every 1-3 months may be appropriate for you.

FOCUS ON TECHNIQUE. If you're just starting out, that needs to be your primary focus. Don't load weight on the bar if your technique looks like shit. Only go as heavy as good form allows. Learning how to bench press properly at this level is key. If not you will continue to ingrain bad habits and set yourself up for a very large plateau in the future. In this regard, having a coach to watch your technique is absolutely mandatory.

If you're not sure where to begin, we have numerous program templates available on If you aren't ready to invest in our full coaching program, we offer our VIP membership group for less than $10 a month where you can have your technique assessed on a regular basis!

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