How To: Floor Press

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How To: Floor Press

The Floor Press is a staple for secondary work in my equipped programming. Between the floor press, board press and pin press, those movements I cycle through with variations on the regular

I sometimes even program this for my raw lifters as well, but only when it makes sense to. If they need to bring up their tricep strength and end range strength we may use the floor press.

Now there's no inherently "wrong" way to do these. There's no penalty for doing these standard grip or even wide grip, but because it is a partial range move and the goal is often tricep strength, I like to see our athletes do these close grip.

I also leave it optional to go false grip on these. I love floor press more than any other move for really engaging my lats. The false grip can help with that tremendously but only if you feel comfortable with it.

Another thing I never coach but am alright with in the floor press scenario is the head lifting. Since the elbows or the lats are mainly going to end the movement, it's not the end of the world if your chest drops slightly.

Why I like to do this, because I can really focus on tightening up and loading into the lats to the point that they actually stop the movement before my elbows connect.

You can get a huge lat pump with this move! Make sure not to slam your elbows off the floor but rather focus on your back tightness and when you feel your tricep starting to connect with the floor, fire back up!

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