Increase Your Bench With Heavy Holds

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Increase Your Bench With Heavy Holds

Heavy Holds are a great way to start a workout to "prime" the nervous system

Holding a heavy weight will not only have you creating more activation to get "tight", but it will also make you appreciate the intracacies of technique, especially on the takeout!

We perform heavy holds with our athletes on the last 8 weeks or so of a training cycle

A good starting point if you haven't implemented these on a weekly basis is to start out at your max for a 10 second hold

Each week men progress 15 lbs, women progress 10 lbs

It's not uncommon for a 400 lb bencher on our team to be heavy holding 500+ lbs!

Similar to how a hitter in baseball swings a weighted bat on deck, heavy holding will give the impression that you're moving more quickly and bringing more intensity to lower weights.

I highly recommend these for your bench training!

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  • Lorenzo Dardanello

    I started lifting bench with Just 60 lbs, I was so young and so skinny (not that i’m big enough now), today I can bench a bit more (like, 200 and something), Will try my pr Just before i start this bench program that promises a big increase in the bench (I wanted something more complex than “Just bench more” now that i’m an intermediate lifter), I’ll leave the link of the program if anyone is interested and/or want to give me some advices (if Expert lifter :)

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