Maintaining Shoulder Position

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Maintaining Shoulder Position

I commonly see lifters do an excellent job at shoulder retraction, but it goes by the wayside after the first rep. Which is often why lifters feel like they lose back tightness and their shoulder pinch as they rep out.

The issue isn't how you started, it's how you've been finishing!

Most problems are a result of relaxing as you lock out the weight. Whether it's with leg drive, or shoulder retraction as seen here.

This video illustrates how huge shoulder retraction can be towards shortening range of motion, but more importantly, how to maintain it as you rep out!

If you have trouble locking weight out and stabilizing at the top of the lift, this applies to you as well, even in a single rep scenario.

It's not always tricep strength, but rather that you shift towards pressing predominantly with your shoulder as you get to mid range and beyond

A great way to self check yourself on this is take note of where you start with the bar initially. When you finish the rep, are you higher than initially or at the same spot?

If you're higher, you lost your back tightness!

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