Overhead Pressing 101 - Mastering The OHP

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Overhead Pressing 101 - Mastering The OHP

The overhead press is one of the most valuable movements towards getting your bench up! However there is typically a lot of technique missing here.

Treat the OHP just how you treat the bench. There is really no difference except one you perform lying, the other you perform standing. In terms of activation, it remains the same

Start from the ground up. Screw and spread your feet into the floor. Everything from your feet towards your hips should feel tight and you should feel rooted into the floor

Brace your midsection like you would in any of the other lifts. Breathe below the diaphragm. Lock it in!

Make sure your scapula is retracted in the same fashion it would be with your other standing movements such as the squat or deadlift. This is something that often goes by the wayside in the OHP but is key towards pressing and controlling with your lats.

Bend the bar just like you would benching!

Then of course, make sure you're pressing straight overhead! Don't let the bar get out in front of you. Bar path will make or break your overhead press. The bar needs to remain over your mid-foot as much as possible

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