Powerlifting Competition Commands For Benching

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Powerlifting Competition Commands For Benching

If you're going into your first meet, you MUST know these and train them to become second nature. Within the first 2 years of your career you're going to miss your fair share of commands. It can happen at anytime but especially during the beginning, it's going to happen. The sooner you can train them to be instinctual, the better off you'll be

First is the Bench or START command. When you take the bar out make sure you wait for this command! A way to prepare for this cue is to get used to a longer settling period with the weight. Equipped lifting has made this a non factor cue for me because I tend to hold the bar even longer after I receive this call. Letting the weight settle and making sure you have 100% control over it is essential. Beginning a bench while the bar is still carrying momentum is a sure way to miss the lift before it even started.

Next is the PRESS command. What many don't understand is this cue is given once the bar is motionless, not when it simply touches your chest. There's not necessarily a time associated with the pause, it just takes others longer to steady the bar than some. This is why I stress to lifters to bring the bar down controlled, because the quicker you can dead stop the bar at chest level, the sooner you'll get that press call, and every fraction of a second matters

The last command is the RACK call. The work is already done guys, just remember to hold the weight!! Learning how to shorten the press and keep your shoulders pinned under while pressing is key once weight becomes heavier (think "press away" from the bar). You need to show control of the weight and if you disengage from your back here you're going to have a hard time. A way to help train yourself to master the top end hold is to do them in training. Have a 5x3 planned for the day? Hold each rep at the top for 3 seconds

Master these commands and the technique that comes along with them in training and you'll have ZERO issues at the meet

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