Set Up Tip: Placing Feet

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Set Up Tip: Placing Feet

A lot of detail commonly goes into obtaining position, but often times we overlook the details on maintaining that position. One of the biggest obstacles we face in terms of flattening out in our set up is when we place our feet down

This tip specifically applies to those who choose to bridge off the bench. This is the most common way I'll teach the set up because of the great benefits you get from it. If someone has a hard time with this, or their limb lengths don't work well for it, you can simply bridge off the floor with your feet closer to the pad

When we place our feet down to the floor it's important that we don't try to reach our final position off the bat. Try pushing straight back with just one foot way out on the floor, doesn't work! That first foot you want to place right next to the pad itself so you can maintain that leverage back to stay on your traps

From there you'll be able to successfully lower the other foot without worry of flattening out. After that you move one foot out at a time in order to reach your final foot position. Completing the process in this fashion will help you maintain as much position as possible and cut that range of motion off your press!

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