Should I Bench Press Wide Or Close Grip?

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Should I Bench Press Wide Or Close Grip?

Each grip has it's own unique pros and cons! Which is right for you?

A wider grip is going to drastically reduce the distance of the bar traveled, and will require a larger degree of chest and shoulder strength

However, you will need to create a lot of shoulder stability since you are unable to draw from the lats as much

With a close grip, you can heavily load the lats and take advantage of a greater eccentric loading to create more pop off the chest!

You need stronger triceps and a strong back to bench big close grip!

The downside is you need a good amount of shoulder mobility, and the distance traveled is a lot greater which is difficult for longer armed benchers'

What most lifter will find is that their strongest grip is going to fall somewhere in between the two extremes!

Also note it's a great strategy to take advantage of both grips throughout a training cycle!

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