Should You Bench With Wrist Wraps?

Should You Bench With Wrist Wraps?




Wrist wraps can be a great tool that allow you to hold on to more weight in your training. Like any tool however it is possible to use it too much to the point where it can actually be a detriment to your performance.



Over relying on wrist wraps can become a crutch. When you use it to try to mask a problem of weak wrists and forearms it's only a matter of time before you run into a weight that the wraps alone can't handle.




It's a good idea to mix in some heavy training without wraps in order to develop the forearm and wrist strength that can handle some heavier weight. This will allow the wraps to become a supplement to your training rather than a crutch you need in order to train. Personally for days that I'm not benching heavy in a shirt I like to train without wraps. This can mean a slingshot with no wraps so still heavy weight but nowhere near my shirted max.



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