Tempo Benching For Faster Gains!

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Tempo Benching For Faster Gains!

Tempo bench press is something I like to program the first 1-6 weeks after a meet, or as a way to get a lifter to work on control. Since the most muscle breakdown occurs on that eccentric/downward phase, it's a great opportunity to build some muscle

The tempo I most often use with my athletes is 5:1:0. That is a 5 sec eccentric, 1 sec pause, and an explosive press upwards. I also accompany this with a long hold

Again, a great opportunity to break down muscle, increase time under tension, and work on control

No matter what variation or what rep scheme, pausing is something I always stress to my athletes. We want to practice how we'll play and we want to develop the stopping power required at the chest. Don't miss the ball on this by training touch and go too often

I also always stress explosive pressing. I never want to train an athlete to become slow. Everytime you press or stand up with a weight, it is done as quickly and aggressively as possible

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