The Best Set Up Cue For Bench Pressing

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The Best Set Up Cue For Bench Pressing


One of the very best cues I can give you for learning how to set up properly to bench press is to never let your hips hit the pad!

I know, sounds ridiculous right? If your hips are up that's a big red light and a no lift!

Correction, you want your hips to be in contact with the pad at all times, but you absolutely DO NOT want to bear weight through them!

I demonstrate this to athletes by setting up at the foot of the bench. I dig my shoulders into the very bottom of the bench and show them that I can do the exact same thing without having a pad from my mid back down.

Think of the bottom of the pad having a weight scale. Ideally you want to always touch that scale without it reading any weight. Make sense?

Doing this will get you effectively driving onto your traps, maintaining and creating better position, transferring more force through now active hips, and allowing you to bench more weight!

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