Top 3 Sticking Point Blasters

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Top 3 Sticking Point Blasters

A sticking point can be classified as a specific spot in your range of motion that bar speed rapidly declines. Whether it leads to a successful lift or a failed attempt, this spot is the most difficult for you to fight through.

1. Partial Range Work. Spend more time in the area you are weak! Off the chest? Pause for days. Spoto pressing, long pausing, Duffalo bar benching, etc. Weak at lockout? Board work, floor pressing, pin pressing, etc. These are all bench specific variations that take you through a specific range or hold you in a specific area for longer.

2. Change The Training Stimulus. If you continue to train competition bench over and over without variation, you will have the same sticking points. Find what variations you are weak at and blast them for days! Bad at close grip benching? Blast it. Bad at overhead pressing? Blast it!

3. Isometrics! Heavily underutilized. This variation allows you to display a max effort force and max muscle recruitment in a very specific range of motion. So find your sticking point, and set the pins in a rack to that spot. Then press with everything you have for ~5 seconds

Using these variations you will blast through whatever sticking point may be holding you down!

🌐 Stuck in a plateau? Trying everything but bench progress seems stalled? Email us a video of your bench press and what you're struggling with and we will show you exactly what you need to do and how long it will take to reach your goal.


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