TOP 3 Upper Back Exercises For A Big Bench Press!

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TOP 3 Upper Back Exercises For A Big Bench Press!

When it comes to having a big bench, a big back is a must. The back is a crucial element to the bench, particularly the upper back. The ability to lock down and maintain that scapular retraction under heavy load

These are some of my favorite upper back builders that you should consider adding into your routine

Pull Ups

You have to be able to control your own body! Nothing more impressive than a huge guy that can still bang out a ton of reps on pull ups

Meadow Row

This is a row variation where you flare your elbow out wide to target more upper back musculature in particular

Seal Row

Perhaps my favorite back exercise for the bench. It's a bench press in reverse! Talk about specificity. In this variation we are going to again, keep the elbows out wide to target the upper back

Give these a shot and take note to what happens to your bench, as well as unwanted shoulder pain!

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