Using And Setting Up Bands

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Using And Setting Up Bands

In this video I cover the two aspects of using bands that trip most lifters up.

1. How and why to use bands

2. How to set them up

We use bands for accommodating resistance. That means the resistance is changing as you go through the lift.

At the top of the range the band has a greater stretch, therefore adding more weight to the bar. We use them to stave off the deceleration period towards the end range to allow a better adaption for power.

You'll commonly see bands used for speed work which is how I prescribe them to my lifters large majority of the time

Setting them up is the next hurdle to jump. We all lift in a variety of environments.

If you have band pegs then it's a little easier. If you dont have band pegs, that's when you have to get a little creative.

This video discusses a few ways in which you can make it work for you and what you want to see for tension given your strength level

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