Using The Earthquake Bar For A Stronger Bench Press!

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Using The Earthquake Bar For A Stronger Bench Press!


The earthquake bar is an immensely beneficial tool for any lifter! However, once you have one, how can you progress your training with it

I recommend starting off with low weight high reps. Don't worry about pausing here, just get into a groove and get a feel for instability training. You'll probably learn a few tricks on how to keep your back tight yourself

The next progression would be to add pauses! This will be a challenging test. Once you add in pauses you will feel the demands for stability increase. I recommend pausing top and bottom of the range of motion

Next I would start working lower reps with heavier weight. You can start without pausing and add in pauses here as well. Obviously increasing the weight is going to increase the stability demand

The last progression I would use is something I like to call a "Hell Set" and you really don't need much weight for this! You are reacting off someone else's direction. So instability training paired with reaction training

Someone is going to tell you when to pause, where to pause, go faster, go slower, and control everything about the set. All you're doing is your best to stay tight while listening to commands. It makes the training very difficult and highly effective!

Grab this bar and get to work!

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