Wide Stance Benching

Bench Press Technique, Leg Drive -

Wide Stance Benching

This is something that will help you if you're struggling with leg drive, stability, or keeping your hips down on the pad!

I see many lifters take a feet close "leg extension" type approach to leg drive. While that's not wrong, or bad, I do think often times it leaves things to be desired

I teach this feet out, wide style of leg drive not as the end all be all, but simply as an alternative option which I think is a lot easier for the large majority to gain an appreciation for the details of leg drive

Opening your stance is like opening the base of a tripod. The stability gained from doing so is going to be immense, and for an equipped lifter, this can be a huge deal!

You're also able to engage your hips to a much larger degree here. Instead of simply thinking about a leg extension which heavily relies on the quads, we can tap into an even larger muscle grip, the hips!

Think about a squat here. We are able to drive hips open and drive back harder than ever. You will feel the focus shift doing this!

You don't necessarily need to tuck your feet back, you just need to focus on using your hips to drive, and Male sure that drive is off the pad. Like a swimmer exploding off the wall going into a turn

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