How To Bench Press 405 lbs

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How To Bench Press 405 lbs

I'm going to start this with a disclaimer. These milestone videos relate more to the average trainee. Everyone's path to these numbers are going to look a lot different but this is general progressive advice.

This is a carry on of our how to bench 225 and 315 articles

I'd consider this an advanced level. There are some lifters who might never capture a 405 lb raw bench. The progressions you'll hear me talk about here are more advanced concepts.

Some things to consider. At these higher levels, it's a great idea to have a coach. Programming has to become specific and very individualized for the person. What works for one person won't necessarily work for the next.

Unless you have a very advanced grasp on what you specifically need and how to address that, then it's best to give up the reigns and focus on being the athlete.

Secondary work needs to address weak points. Your intensity in training is higher now and you can't afford to have fluff in the program because everything you do will affect your recovery. Choose wisely!

Accessories will need to become unbalanced. What I mean by that is that you will no longer have the capacity to train every single muscle group every session, if you ever had that luxury at all.

If you train in balance, you never address imbalances. The bulk of your accessories should be spent addressing a particular weak point.

Poor shoulder stability? Let's double down on that until its better. Etc..

When the weights get heavier, and you get bigger, your mobility is likely to decrease and your injury potential is likely to increase. Taking care of your body and prioritizing recovery at the higher levels is a must.

If you know you are particular limited or restricted in a necessary range of motion, you need to address those things or run the risk of suffering a major set back.

Just a few things to consider that we discuss in this video. Again, don't get stuck on the particular number here. This is rather how to progress your program on a higher level.

If you're a female reading this, your 405 might relate to high 200's. Again, the numbers don't matter here, it's the next progression we are highlighting.

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